EIFF review of Gravity for The Edinburgh Reporter

Do you enjoy films that are darkly violent, like A Clockwork Orange or American Psycho?  Why not go to see Gravity.  It’s not as extreme as the aforementioned titles, but it has its moments.

Gravity is the tale of a German banker (Fabian Hinricks) facially similar to Jimmy Carr, who is deeply dissatisfied with his lot.  He is still in love with an ex from seven years ago, he has no real friends, and his job is so crap that when a client shoots himself right in front of Frederick’s face, nobody even asks him if he’s OK.

He therefore embarks upon a crime spree in order to spice things up a bit, enlisting the help of an ex-con he knew at school.  This gives him a greater sense of self-confidence, in a very intense and brooding kind of way.  But all he really wants is for someone to go see psychobilly band The Electric Snakes with him.

These forays into the underworld of crime take their toll, and eventually our anti-hero is close to unraveling completely.  You should definitely go and see it to find out how that resolves itself.  Beautifully shot, and with lots of laugh-out-loud moments, this is one of my picks of the festival.

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