Yesterday the BBC reported that there are sod all graduate jobs at the moment, and that some people feel as though doing a degree hasn’t helped that much.  Well done, this has only been going on for about three years.  Do you know how many people applied for my very average job in a library when it was advertised in 2008, at a time when things were allegedly OK?  180.

Anyway.  Following on in a helpful sort of way, The Guardian printed a short piece today about how to make your CV more effective. FYI, I’ve followed all those steps and it still took me six months to find work… in a job where they didn’t take CVs as part of the application process.

In a bid to move on from said job I have continued to follow the above guidelines, gaining maybe one interview in ten applications over the past 18 months.  I have had 6 or 7 interviews over that period.  You may now take a brief moment to conduct the mental arithmetic required to work out how many individual-tastic applications I have written (whilst in full time work and attempting to somehow build up a career in freelance journalism).

Maybe this article in The Journal earlier in the year was on to something when they said:

“Data collected by the University of Edinburgh suggests that the highest levels of involuntary unemployment occur in graduates of Divinity, History, Chemistry and Geosciences.”

My 2:1 from The University of St Andrews just happens to be in History, y’see.  Although I find the research fairly unhelpful as it doesn’t explain why this should be the case.  Why should history graduates be less employable than people who studied Philosophy or English?  We have all the same transferable skills, and arguably less predilection for the pretentious.  Although we do like a bit of alliteration now and then.

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