Not only am I doing NaNoWriMo this year, I am posting my book on my other blog, a chapter a day.  I am also blogging about the process of blogging it for The Edinburgh Reporter.  Confused?  You should be.

I have added another page at the top of this site where I have linked to each chapter chronologically.

Meanwhile, this was my experience of day one….

8.05am, Monday November 1st.

I am on a bus to work, catching up on emails (what did I do before I had a phone with Internet access?) and contemplating beginning my NaNoWriMo novel.

Currently my plan is to write a Mills and Boon pastiche.  This is a stupid idea because they’re funny enough on their own, so there is nothing to parody really.  As backup I have decided to include a subplot with an evil scientist, and I hope to end most chapters with a melodramatic, Thomas Hardy-esque cliffhanger.

What is stopping me from beginning RIGHT NOW is whether or not to start with chapter one. I have shot myself in the foot a bit by planning to blog the thing – it’s a little bit unfair on any readers if I write it out of order.


Realise I solved my own problem with that statement.  Resolve to write in order.  Start tapping away on my phone.  My thumbs will be sore by the end of the month.


Surreptitiously check email at work (in lieu of taking a break).  Emailed efforts from the commute to myself in order to copy and paste it into Word.  Did 556 words in about half an hour.  Not too bad.


It’s chucking it down.  As I navigate the monsoon to the Spoon Bistro for the official Edinburgh write-off, brolly turns itself inside out about fifteen times.  Suspect other people may stay in to write in their jim jams for this one.


Five others have braved the elements tonight, and apparently I am not the only one with a penchant for silliness.   Their plots include zombies, Romans, mages and giant ants.  Literary agents of Edinburgh, watch out!


Gentleman appears looking for the creative writing group.  We profess to be it, but apparently this is not the case – there is a rival gang in an opposite corner!  They are swiftly dubbed the People’s Front of Judea to our Judean People’s Front.  Or are we the Popular Front…?


I have slightly gone over the daily word count target of 1667 to 1828, conveniently bringing my first chapter to an end at the same time.  There’s a bit of padding in there, but a rule of the project is that I am not allowed to edit myself, so in it stays.


Unable to think of good summing up line for this blog. Night all.

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