Let’s Get Lyrical #7 – Razorlight

Today’s lyrics come from the inexplicably popular Razorlight, who spent most of 2006 droning on about America.

What a drag it is, the shape I’m in
Well I go out somewhere, then I come home again.

OK, a slow start.  But maybe there’s a point to this bland rundown of Johnny Borrell’s average day?

I light a cigarette, ’cause I can’t get no sleep

Try warm milk instead of chain smoking, maybe?

There’s nothing on the TV, nothing on the radio, that means that much to me.

Shame.  Maybe you should write a song about it all.  I’m sure that’ll be interesting.

All my life, watching America
All my life, there’s panic in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh
There’s trouble in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh.

You know, Knightrider wasn’t actually a documentary…  Try Friends or something.

Yesterday was easy
Happiness came and went
I got the movie script
But I don’t know what it meant

How complicated is this script?  Are we talking Synedoche NY, or Dodgeball?  Does it matter?  NO.

I light a cigarette ’cause I can’t get no sleep […] Oh oh oh.
Yesterday was easy
Yes I got the news
When you get it straight, but stand up you just can’t lose
Give you my confidence, all my faith in life

What now?  What news?  Did I fall asleep and miss something?

Don’t stand me up, don’t let me down
I need you tonight

Who are you even talking to, Borrell?
To hold me, say you’ll be here x 800

All my life
Watching America
All my life
There’s panic in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh
she’s lost in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh

Who is ‘she’?  An ex who left you for the states, perhaps?  Does ‘lost’ in this context mean ‘I don’t know where she is cause she’s not returning my constant dreary phone calls’?

Tell me how does it feel?
Tell me how does it feel?
Tell me how does it feel?
Tell me how does it feel?

How does what feel?  Hearing to this song?  A bit like listening to paint drying.  It seems to go on for about two hours without ever really saying anything.  Which, in a way, is an achievement.

A bit like their new press picture.

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