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Twilight Sad Review

The Twilight Sad, by any other name, would not make any sense.

I say this because James Graham’s penchant for being miserable in the semi-darkness outweighed all other aspects of the band’s gig in the Liquid Rooms this evening.

When I first saw the ‘Sad, as I’m sure they would hate to be known, they were supporting Idlewild at a 2007 gig in Dundee.  I expected little, given the first support band was shite; so was pleasantly surprised to be blown away by the unexpected wall of noise that ensued.  I promptly downloaded their album, and then proceeded to buy it with actual money a mere two years later.

I’ve seen them a few times since then and enjoyed their live performances, but tonight they were definitely erring on the side of pretension.  Even slebfan Ian Rankin admitted via Twitter that he only lasted 3 songs, citing the PA system as muddy, but that argument doesn’t wash because Errors sounded really good.

Can it be that my mates what’ve been slagging them off as Frabbit wannabes are correct?  Meh.  I spend more time listening to studio albums than hanging over balconies trying to get decent photos on a crappy camera phone, so screw it.  I will chalk this one up to you lot being tired from the tour, Graham.  But any more of your self indulgent Matt Bellamy style nonsense and it’ll be CD purchases only.

Errors sounded great.... Some sort of Liquid Rooms conspiracy?

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