12 Books

When I’m not busy forging a lucrative career as a freelance journalist, I also try to write fiction.

Last year I wrote 12 Books in 12 Months, which I am currently supposed to be editing.  To find out more visit the blog, follow my progress on twitter, and like the project on facebook!

Meanwhile, below you can find links to each chapter of my first novel – a spoof Mills and Boon with an evil scientist subplot, written for NaNoWriMo 2010.

Chapter One – in which we are introduced to our main protagonists
Chapter Two – in which Bracken is insulted
Chapter Three – Aloysius gets a surprise
Chapter Four – A revelation
Chapter Five – Out on the razz
Chapter Six – The Good Samaritan
Chapter Seven – A disaster
Chapter Eight – Bracken is sad, and the story advances by a fortnight.
Chapter Nine – In which we learn a little bit about modern libraries
Chapter Ten – A subplot approaches
Chapter Eleven – A flashback
Chapter Twelve – Bracken’s day just gets worse
Chapter Thirteen – In which there is a drive by and we expand upon the themes of chapter nine (they do say write what you know…)
Chapter Fourteen – Some more shenanigans from Nicky and Bert
Chapter Fifteen – Musings
Chapter Sixteen – A quest
Chapter Seventeen – Nicky and Bracken are reunited
Chapter Eighteen – I incorporate the Prime Minister’s thoughts on British Cinema
Chapter Nineteen – Dennis
Chapter Twenty – Al’s well
Chapter Twenty One – Experiments
Chapter Twenty Two – Where is that sound coming from?
Chapter Twenty Three – Happy Birthday, Doctor Who
Chapter Twenty Four – Jeremy Kyle is displeased
Chapter Twenty Five – An awful lot of nothing. Bit like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…
Chapter Twenty Six – It’s not your typical literary cellar
Chapter Twenty Seven – It’s MY SHOW..
Chapter Twenty Eight – I have reached 50k!
Chapter Twenty Nine … but 30 days hath November, and I planned the chapters accordingly!

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