I am an Edinburgh based freelance journalist, illustrator and blogger; available for work and with a penchant for nonsense.  Sometimes I also have to temp, on account of being a responsible sort of person who pays rent on time.

Sites I write for include:

Hyperlocal News

The Edinburgh Reporter : The Broughton Spurtle : Guardian Edinburgh : STV Local


IdeasTap : Mslexia Magazine : Ten Tracks : Brikolage


IWeTwoThree : The Chutney Exhibition : Hecklerspray

I also post other bits and pieces on my personal blog, if I ever get a spare moment I’ll draw the odd comic, and last year I also wrote 12 Books in 12 Months.

The aim of The Temp Files, however, is to showcase my ‘proper’ writing.  Here is where I’ll post links to articles I have had published, as well as serious articles on the topics that interest me (the experiences of graduates attempting to find work in the capital, the arts, comedy, and positive community news, to name a few).

If you’d like to get in touch please email a_e_george@hotmail.com or get me on my personal Twitter account @periwinklewine.

9 responses to “About

  1. Sarah

    Hi there.

    I chanced upon your blog after reading your lovely review of the Christmas baubles gig (thanks for being nice about my band). Now I will be a regular reader, and this post in particular chimed with the old heartstrings, as a fellow mostly-unpaid-and-generally-frustrated creative type. It’s a bit of a nightmare trying to get on some kind of general consciousness ladder. Still, we can but try. Your wordsmithery is a real joy to read, I am filled with admiration and empathy, and look forward to future compositions,

    yours virtually,


  2. Sarah

    ps. by ‘this post’ i was referring to your No Use Crying Over Split Infinitives on your personal blog… couldn’t access the comments there.

  3. Thank you Sarah, that’s very kind of you. I will endeavour not to disappoint!


  4. I’ve totally subscribed to your blog! 🙂

    Sat beside someone in the LCC library today who thought the word dichotomous referred to a kind of dinosaur…I thought that was a funny anecdote to share.

  5. It’s Emma btw, finally started a blog 🙂

  6. Excellent work on both counts. I have subscribed right back at you!

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  8. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for subscribing to my blog! I’ve returned the favour. Good luck with the 12 books in a year! I thought Nanowrimo was a challenge, but that’s something else…

  9. I tagged you in a game of Blog Tag!

    Here’s the link for my post with the details:


    Have fun!

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